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How OSHC Programs Enhance the Education Provided During School Hours

Blog - 01 June 2021

How OSHC Programs Enhance the Education Provided During School Hours

Many children across the country attend out-of-school hours care (OSHC) before and after school, on pupil-free days and during the holidays. These programs provide a safe, enjoyable and - perhaps most importantly - supervised environment for children to socialise, learn and play when their parents may still be at work, studying or attending to other commitments.

While much emphasis is placed on the socialisation of children outside of the classroom, OSHC is also beneficial to their intellectual development. These programs are tailored to combine fun and education to enhance the education children receive during school hours. Here’s how:

Practical application of skills

The classroom environment is where your child learns to read, write and other important subjects via the curriculum.

An out-of-school program encourages children of all ages to apply their knowledge through games, activities and discussions. For example, if a child has just learned about geography, they may play a trivia game with a team and apply their knowledge. If they are passionate about a recent discussion in science, they may be able to run their own experiment while supervised and apply their knowledge and skills from the classroom to a stimulating activity, as experienced many times during National Science Week recently. You can know your child will always be engaged during these times and safely supported in the activities they choose.

Providing support at OSHC

The staff at OSHC are well trained to support children with programmed activities and have a wealth of knowledge in different areas. They also know what it means to help a child rather than complete work for them or simply give them the answers.

Additionally, holiday programs can help children retain knowledge over long breaks. Staff will make sure to carve out time to help children continue their education and answer their questions in a way that fosters critical thinking rather than memorisation. Being experts in education, Educators will also be able to identify areas where your child may need additional assistance.

Building confidence

A benefit of OSHC is that it helps children build confidence in their knowledge. With tailored programs, they are able to apply what they have learned in school in a safe and secure setting where mistakes are welcome. There’s no pressure to pass a test or have the correct answer. Rather, children can practice what they are studying by sharing it with other students and supportive staff who will help guide them to find the correct answer and encourage them to continue learning.

Having a strong support network outside of school is important to help children develop confidence academically. It ignites a passion for learning that leads to good academic habits.

Learn in a structured environment

Out-of-school programs provide the perfect balance between fun and educational activities. Children need structure to learn - yes, even outside of school - and that’s the kind of environment OSHC offers. At Camp Australia, all of our programs are tailored to the needs of the school and the individual needs and interests of the children who attend.

As your child grows and their education continues, the program they are in develops with them. Activities become more suited for their skill level. Each day, we welcome our children and allow them to explore their options for play and our Educators organise games that encourage them to use what they have learned in the classroom that day.

To find an OSHC program near you or to find out more about what happens in our out-of-school programs, search for your closest Camp Australia school or complete our contact form if you’d like to know more.

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