Insight Series

A series of tailored resources providing principals and educators with insightful, engaging and practical tips on the topics of resilience, mental health and wellbeing.

On demand

To ensure we deliver on our promise to be the Partner of Choice, we designed the Insight Series around our partners’ needs but also their schedule. The Series is available through video, audio and transcript so that it can be consumed by principals and educators when, where and how it is most convenient for them. And even more importantly, we’re giving them the platform to ask their questions, so that the content is tailored, practical and relevant.

On demand

Tailored Information to Support Partners

Recently Camp Australia conducted a survey with our partners. The survey revealed that principals and educators wanted to learn how to build resilience among their school community and recognised the need to prioritise their mental health. We have collaborated with leading specialists to provide our partners with tailored and supportive information to help them, their team and their students.

Tailored Information to Support Partners

Exclusive access to leading specialists

When you partner with us, you will have exclusive access to leading specialists who will provide relevant insights, supportive information and practical tips on the topics of resilience, mental health and wellbeing. For more information or to partner with us and benefit from access to leading specialists, please contact us at [email protected]

Exclusive access to leading specialists

Panel Event

Wellbeing and Stress Management for school leaders and their teams

The landscape

Phil Riley, the Director and Chief Investigator for the longitudinal Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey discussed the overall picture of the principal health and wellbeing space across Australia, how it was changed over the years, and recommendations.

Self-check in strategy

Meg Durham, the founder of Open Mind Education, shared with us a self-check in strategy “How charged is your battery?” and “the 5 Ps” that keep leaders and educators stuck in the cycle of busy, she also shared with practical ways to manage energy levels to feel good, function well and relate better.

Psychosocial issues in the workplace

Tasha Broomhall, Blooming Minds' director and lead facilitator, Tasha Broomhall, describes how employers can support the management of staff wellbeing.

Next Insight Series – Encouraging Resilience and Prioritising Mental Health

On the 4 August 2022 at 2pm AEST and we will be joined by experts including Dr Justin Coulson, Dr Jodi Richardson and Cleo Westhorpe. Our experts will explore the trends we do see in student mental health and what can school leaders do to support children.

Next Insight Series – Encouraging Resilience and Prioritising Mental Health

2021 Insight Series

We have included last years’ content as it is still very relevant today, in our 2021 series we invited one of our partner school leaders to chat to our experts on the topics of; Child Resilience, Child Wellbeing and Digital Wellbeing.

Child Resilience

Amanda Bickerstaff, CEO at Pivot Professional Learning - an organisation helping schools improve teaching practices and student wellbeing talks about student’s engagement and resilience. Together with Natalie Mansour, Principal at Glenmore Park Public School, they explore how best to support children through the phases of school life.

Child Wellbeing

Shona Doyle and Kyle Ratcliffe, consultants from Be You – the national mental health in education initiative delivered by Beyond Blue talk about important signs to look for in children struggling with their mental state. Together with Natalie Mansour, Principal at Glenmore Park Public School, they explore the impact of transitioning in and out of lockdowns, and how parents can support their children in the best way possible.

Digital Wellbeing

Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and productivity experts, unpacks the impact technology has on our wellbeing and productivity, and how to peak in a digital workspace. Kristy and Henry Grossek, founding principal of Berwick Lodge Primary School, share a wealth of information about how to perform at your peak in a digital world and a world for which our brains weren’t designed.

Mental Wellbeing

David Westgate, mental health trainer and speaker from the Black Dog Institute, take educators through techniques for coping in this COVID climate and prioritising mental health while working from home. David and Jason Shapcott, principal of Caralee Community School, discuss techniques to cope with the new COVID normal.


Lyn O’Grady, practising community psychologist, speaks about an all too important topic – resilience. She explores what resilience means in the new COVID normal, as well as strategies and mechanisms for school leaders to help build their own resilience to protect their mental health.