Mount Eliza Primary School MOUNT ELIZA, VIC

Your OSHC gives children enriching out of school and pupil free day experiences. Our dedicated approach provides a service that is tailored to Mount Eliza Primary School, ensuring that the evolving requirements of your children, School and community are met.

Tailored experiences

The program at Mount Eliza Primary School Your OSHC is unique and tailored to the needs of the children in the service. In every session, your Coordinator designs a featured activity to amaze the children. Complementing the feature activity are experience zones that give children the freedom of choice and guide them to learn through play. Our Pupil Free Day sessions have at least three key feature activities, based around family and child feedback. Pop into the Your OSHC service at Mount Eliza Primary School to chat to your Coordinator about the program.

Mount Eliza Primary School
Wooralla Drive
VIC, 3930
Contact Details:
Phone: 1300 105 343
Contact: [email protected]

Registration Explained

As a licensed Child Care provider, we need all parents to complete the mandatory registration for a child to attend our care. This registration is a legal requirement for us to accept children into our care and gives us all the necessary information so we can provide the best care for each child.

For your child to attend our care, you must agree to our terms and conditions. Please read them below.

Read our Terms and Conditions Here

Fees and Times

Recurring Fee Pricing and Times
Program Times Recurring Fee **After Max Subsidy
Before School Care 07:00AM - 08:30AM (Mon - Fri) $22.00 $8.39
After Care 03:15PM - 06:00PM (Mon - Fri) $28.00 $4.20

Bookings: +48 hours in advance
Cancellations: 7 calendar day(s) prior to the session start time

No matter the cancellation rules, we operate a standing policy that there is no charge for a sick child. Simply let us know when cancelling a booking outside the cancellation window and provide a doctor’s certificate and there will be no fee charged for any account level.

Casual Fee Pricing and Times
Program Times Casual Fee **After Max Subsidy
Before School Care 07:00AM - 08:30AM, (Mon - Fri) $24.50 $10.89
After Care 03:15PM - 06:00PM, (Mon - Fri) $30.50 $5.55

Casual rates apply when recurring booking minimum is not met
Cancellations: 2 calendar day(s) prior to the session start time

Any relevant government rebates applied will be credited to your account or refunded to you after each session is used.

Vacation Care Fees
Care Type Full Fee **After Max Subsidy
Vacation Care $72.58 $12.38

Additional fees will apply for incursions and excursions depending on the type, check the Parent Portal for specific times and activities once the Vacation Care booking windows are opened. This is usually 6 weeks in advance of Holiday Time depending on State.

Bookings: +7 days in advance.

If a booking is made with less than 7 days' notice, the full fee will be charged plus a late booking fee of $10.00 (incl GST) per booking will be charged.

This fee is to cover additional administration and cost related to the last minute movement of children and the costs involved in managing the impact on all 3rd party suppliers and resources.

Cancellations: 7 calendar day(s) prior to the session start time

Pupil Free Day Fees
Care Type Full Fee **After Max Subsidy
Pupil Free Day $57.24 $8.58

Bookings: +48 hours in advance
Cancellations: 7 calendar day(s) prior to the session start time

Enrolment Fee

Our $25.00 Enrolment Fee is charged once a year on the second usage of our service. The enrolment fee is pro rata based on Term. This is a Camp Australia maintenance fee that allows us to acquire and maintain yours and your child’s records, including but not limited to medical management plans, medical authorisation forms and Child Enrolment Information Sheet. The Child Enrolment Information Sheet is updated annually and reviewed on a minimum termly basis. This fee also covers maintaining your enrolments with Centrelink in order to claim the Child Care Subsidy should you be eligible.

Additional Fees

Late Pick-up Fee: When a child is collected after the closing time of the service, a parent will be charged $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof, per child. Please note this is a set price that covers the out of office hours our staff spend making sure your child gets picked up safely.

Are you eligible for the Child Care Subsidy?

We strongly recommend you apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to determine whether you’re eligible.

Your eligibility for the subsidy is determined by:

To find out if you are eligible, simply log into MyGov and complete your Child Care Subsidy Assessment. You will receive a notification from Centrelink if your claim has been assessed or approved.

From there ensure that:

Your children’s details are correct in our systems (particularly their date of birth and individual CRNs) We have the details of the contact or parent claiming the subsidy Then simply review and confirm your enrolments via MyGov.

Call our customer care team if you need more information: 1300 105 343

** Please note this is an indication only of the maximum Child Care Subsidy (CCS) a family can be entitled to. The amount of CCS you can get depends on your circumstances and the hourly rate cap set by the Government. To find out if you are eligible, simply log into MyGov and complete your CCS Assessment.