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Club Day
Club Day
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Petit Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's natural wonder and the world's largest coral reef system.

At Holiday Club, the children will be creating their own coral reef in a jar! Using coral sand as the base and building structures out of clay, everyone will get their own mini aquarium.

Holiday Club souvenirs (yours to take home): Aquarium in a jar

Full Fee: $77.81

Fee After Max CCS **: $11.67

ARGH! It's Pirate day!

Whether it's dress up, treasure maps, scavenger hunt or learning about the high seas! Today is pirate day!

Club Based Days are special themed days that are programmed with the children's interests in mind. Children will have input into the activities that happen on the day. Speak to the onsite Coordinator for more information.

Full Fee: $62.81

Fee After Max CCS **: $9.42

Rockin' Mods

Explore your inner sculptor, what do they want to make?
A mask?
A building?
A character?

Today we're going to use Modroc sculpture to mould ourselves whatever our imaginations can concoct. Using paint, we'll bring our sculptures to life.

Holiday Club souvenirs (yours to take home): Modroc sculpture

Full Fee: $79.31

Fee After Max CCS **: $11.89

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