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Davo's Block Bonanza! Help Davo bust some blocks!

Davo loves solving puzzles and problem solving games when he is at After School Care. In his free time, Davo also likes to learn new computer tricks and even helps his family learn new computer skills. After After School Care Davo has been busy preparing a new game for the Kidzone and he wants you to try it – it’s Davo’s Block Bonanza. Can you get rid of all the blocks?

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Ronny's Super Soccer Keep the ball off the ground!

If you need to find Ronny at Before or After School Care, look out for the nearest Soccer Ball and he shouldn’t be too far away! Ronny is full of energy and encourages all of his friends to try new sports and active games at After School Care and in Camp Australia Holiday Programs. Ronny is excited for you to try his new game – Ronny’s Super Soccer. See how long you can juggle the soccer ball for.

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Toya's Terrific Fruit Help Toya catch the fruit!

Toya is outgoing, talented, fascinating and fun! She loves dancing and singing in After School Care and Holiday Programs. Toya also loves fruit - you can often find her munching into an apple or banana in After School Care. The game Toya chose to share with you is Toya’s Tumbling Fruit. How many pieces of fruit can you catch?

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Gem's Terrific Tetris How many lines can you get?

One of Gem’s favourite activities in After School Care is arts and crafts - building and constructing out of recycled materials. She is often moving things around to see how they can fit together in a different way. All of the kids at After School Care love to help Gem create lots of amazing creations to display in the After School Care room for everyone to see. Gem wants you to enjoy building and moving shapes around too, introducing – Gem’s Terrific Tetris. Move shapes around and make them work together.

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Davo's Mystery Match Train your brain with Davo

Davo was so excited about the Kidzone that he asked us to share another one of his favourite games with you – enter Davo’s Mystery Match! With three difficulty levels, this game is sure to get everybody thinking. See how many pairs you can create. The Kidzone won’t be a secret for long, with Davo letting all of his friends in After School Care know about the new activity Centre built especially for kids.

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