We’ve been making kids smile for over thirty years

Each day before or after school, Camp Australia provides a safe and supportive space for children to play, connect, learn and thrive.

As the most experienced OSHC provider in Australia, we provide reliable, engaging and affordable programs to help you balance time and responsibilities. Our programs build on your school’s values to further your child’s experience and interests – and ensure they feel at home with us.

To attend our care you must register your child.

Safety at the heart of everything we do

We’re there when you can’t be. So we hold ourselves to your standards.

All of our staff undergo rigorous safety training and use strong safety practices in-session. We equip educators with our innovative ONE CHILD app which keeps educators aware of your child’s location while in care and manages the transfer of care from school to us.

Our Child Safe Policy has been developed over many years in operation. Our procedures keep incorporating new innovations that increase the safety of our services.

Trusted Staff

For our educators, making your kids smile is a career – not a job.

We invest in our staff’s induction and continued training because part of being a good educator is being a learner too. Your child benefits from staff who are creative problem solvers and strong communicators, so we make these a part of our training too.

Our long-term approach to staffing means we recruit, train and develop people whose career focus is working with children – so it’s their vocation to take the greatest care of your child. Our staff are committed to the long term development of the children in their care and are supported by industry leading training as well as being qualified in line with the National Quality Framework and industry regulations.

We have a rigorous recruitment approach to ensure that we have the best people caring for your children. 


Inspired Programming

We create engaging, entertaining and educational programs to stretch the talent and imagination of your child.

Our curriculum puts your child at its centre to support a wide variety of activities. From yoga to drama and cooking classes, to homework and role-playing. The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education & Care is the starting point for our programming and activity selection.

We offer programs tailored to your child’s age to offer the most engaging experience for each child. If you’re new to our service just let us know about your child’s needs and we’ll make sure we meet their needs.

Take a closer look at our OSHC programs

Meals That Nourish

We know good food is a necessity for growing minds and bodies.

Care includes nourishment so our healthy eating program operates every service, every day. We focus on fresh produce and use at least 75% of the weekly food budget for seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your child’s needs determine our ingredients, whether they’re dietary, cultural or religious needs, just let us know when you register.

Our Before School Care programs offer a selection of:

  • Healthy cereal, oats and milk
  • Seasonal fresh fruits
  • Wholemeal toast with a variety of toppings such as baked beans, spaghetti, honey or vegemite
  • Fresh water and milk

At After School Care, our meal plans change all the time. But to give you a taste:

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetable platters
  • Homemade hummus and rice crackers
  • Salad sandwiches on wholemeal bread
  • Popcorn
  • Homemade banana bread

All weekly menus meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We’ve even developed our own cookbook so we can cater for the range of different cooking facilities available at different services. Our cookbook contains around 80 delicious and easy to prepare savoury, sweet and no bake recipes from around the world. 

Individual Needs and Medical Conditions

Supporting unique needs of a child creates better care for every child.

We know your child is unique and they may have social, cultural, language-based, religious or individual needs. With our thirty years of experience, we’re practiced in accommodating for additional and special requirements.

From extra training of staff to extra resources or dedicated specialists, we’re committed to making our care work for your child.

We strongly recommend that you advise us of your child’s additional needs from the moment you register. This ensures that our educators can provide a program that includes your child from day one.

Medical conditions

Should your child have medical conditions, we’ll need some documentation from you to be able to provide safe care to them.

If your child has asthma, anaphylaxis or allergic reactions, we ask that you download and complete the below templates and upload them into our parent portal when you register your account with us.

For diabetes, epilepsy and other medical conditions, please submit a medical management plan that has been endorsed by your child’s medical practitioner.



Customer Care

We know that your schedule can change at any moment, so we’re there at every moment.


Our customer care teams are located in Melbourne, Australia and Manila, Philippines, so that we can offer a customer care solution from 5am-9pm AEDT, 7 days a week - Closed on National Public Holidays. Both customer care teams are equally passionate about your child’s care and undertake the same training so they’re always ready to help you.

Call our customer care team: 1300 105 343
Email: [email protected]

Should you want to speak to an Australian representative, one of our senior Melbourne based team members can return your call in between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Self-Managed Bookings

It’s easy to manage your bookings through our real-time parent portal.

Our care should be about giving you more time, so our portal makes booking simple. With access to statements and the ability to update your child’s information, our web-based parent portal can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device.

To access the portal, simply register with us. It’s free and there’s no obligation to make a booking until you need one.


Your Child Care Subsidy

Reduce the cost of care with a government subsidy.

We strongly recommend you apply for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to determine whether you’re eligible.

Your eligibility for the subsidy is determined by:

To find out if you are eligible, simply log into MyGov and complete your Child Care Subsidy Assessment. You will receive a notification from Centrelink if your claim has been assessed or approved. From there ensure that:

  • Your children’s details are correct in our systems (particularly their date of birth and individual CRNs)
  • We have the details of the contact or parent claiming the subsidy

Then simply review and confirm your enrolments via MyGov.

Call our customer care team if you need more information: 1300 105 343

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To attend our care you must register your child
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