Thank you for considering Camp Australia to provide after school care in your community.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Partnership Management Team on 1300 792 668

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Looking to partner with Camp Australia?

Every school we partner with has their own reasons for choosing Camp Australia, every school is different and every partnership is different. We would be delighted to discuss with you how we can provide high quality outside school hours care that meets the needs of your school community and makes your kids smile.

The Camp Australia Difference

The Camp Australia difference is that our Educators' primary focus is on the children in their care. This is because we are the only After School Care provider that has designed their organisation around this single principle. We have invested in dedicated support systems and teams to make sure that your children get all the attention they need from our Educators – because we know that this is the best way to make them smile.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Partnership Management Team on 1300 792 668

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Time spent by Educators

Camp Australia Other
Care for Children 80% 45%
Innovative Programming 10% 5%
Safe & Happy Environment 10% 5%
Staff Recruitment, Training & Rosters 0% 12%
Bookings, Billings, Fee Collection 0% 15%
Provision of Food and Resources 0% 10%
Government Compliance 0% 8%

Camp Australia Educators are supported by teams who handle all aspects of recruitment, training, staff rosters, bookings, billings, government compliance, fee collection, financial assistance for families, and the provision of food and resources.

Educators are not distracted by administrative tasks or difficult conversations with parents, and this all aids in retaining great team members. This approach enables us to recruit, train and develop people whose career focus is working with children – exactly the people you want to have caring for the children at your school.

After more than years we are convinced this is the best way of providing After School Care for children, a view supported by the fact that more schools have chosen to partner with us than any other provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To find out about having Camp Australia partner with your school, you can call our Partnership Management Team on 1300 792 668 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time.

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The cost of the provision of Camp Australia care will depend on how many children attend the program and will be regularly reviewed. In many cases Camp Australia can provide Before or After School care at no cost to the school. Schools may even receive a license fee from Camp Australia, depending on the number of children attending the program.
Camp Australia understands the need to keep quality child care affordable for families. To help families manage the cost of child care, we ensure all applicable Government rebates (including the non-means tested Child Care Rebate, and the means tested Child Care Benefit) are automatically applied to all accounts before we issue invoices to parents.
Camp Australia recognises the value in retaining valuable team members to provide kids and the school community with a sense of continuity and stability. In accordance with these values, we will always consider the importance of retaining quality Educators and provide avenues for transition of valued staff, including professional development.
The safety and happiness of children is at the forefront of everything our Educators do. Camp Australia meets, at all times, the requirements of the National Quality Framework. All Camp Australia Educators have received Childrens' Services Qualifications and have a current Working with Children Check. Camp Australia educators have appropriate food handling training, and are trained for emergency management (Anaphylaxis, First Aid, CPR and Asthma Management).
We give back to the school community through financial contributions and community engagement, including through the work of The Camp Australia Foundation (tCAF). Our foundation works with charity partners to develop exclusive local, state, national and international projects to improve the lives of primary school children.

tCAF then co-ordinates these programs enabling our whole organisation to work together and have a big impact on the children we as a company are supporting.
Fees are always determined in partnership with the school. Likewise, we review fees on an annual basis with the school and strive to ensure fees are kept as affordable as possible.
As part of Camp Australia’s goal to ensure affordability for families, fees will be set in consultation with the school, and in many cases may be the same or similar to the pre-existing fees paid by parents at your school to your previous provider.
The benefit of having outside school hours care programs across Australia means that we already have substantial resources to ensure the convenience for your school and parents. The school is responsible for the provision of an area in which the program can run which meets National Standards. This space may be a shared space — used by Camp Australia as well as for other school activities, or a dedicated space — used exclusively by Camp Australia.

What our current Principals have to say

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