Medical Management Plans

Should your child have a diagnosed medical condition or allergy you will need to complete the appropriate forms below. Each child will require an 'Authorisation for Management Plans to be Followed' in addition to the doctor completing the applicable 'Medical Management Forms'

Authorisation for Management Plans to be Followed

>> Download the form

This form must be completed by the Parent and attached to the Medical Management Action Plans provided by your family doctor.  The specific medical management Action Plans can be found below.

Medical Authorisation Form

>> Download the form

If your child requires medication to be administered while attending the program, the Parent must complete this form and provide it to the service. Please read this form carefully and ensure the medication you provide meets all the requirements.  A seperate form is required for each medication type.

Medical Management Forms

Each of the medical conditions listed below requires a different form.  If more than one condition applies to your child, your Doctor must complete each of the appropriate forms.  Please note these forms are for diagnosed medical conditions and must be completed by your Doctor.

>> Anaphylaxis - (Anapen)

>> Anaphylaxis - (Epipen or Epipen Jr)

>> Asthma

>> Diabetes

>> Epilepsy

>> Allergic Reactions

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