Holiday Club

The fun of OSHC doesn’t stop at the end of term – we have holiday programs across the country.

We are experts in school holiday experiences having run holiday activities for over 30 years. There’s something for every child. Our activities include games, arts & crafts, sport, excursions, cooking, coding and more.

To attend any of our Holiday Clubs your child doesn’t need to be a student at the school where we operate. Just search an area convenient for you and register to attend.

To attend our care, you must register your child.

What happens in Holiday Club?

Each day is different, with planned activities shaped around the interests of the children attending. We make sure to mix it up so everyone can experience a variety of awesome activities no matter what day they attend.

Want to know what fun they’ll get up to? Just one week at Holiday Club might include active play and sports co-programmed by the children themselves, learning about seasonal fruits and vegetables, an excursion to a major sporting venue in partnership with the AFL or to a museum or zoo, and creative arts and crafts projects.

If you want to know more about a holiday program through our in-school OHSC services, speak to one of our coordinators who will be happy to detail the activities planned for next season and answer any questions. Otherwise, just wait for bookings to open and search for a Holiday Club location to find our program. 

Each day is a different experience

There are three uniquely different type of days that happen at Holiday Club:

Club Based Days

Club Based Days are special themed days, tailored around the children's interests. Children help decide the day’s activities using a wide selection of resources. Your on-site coordinators can offer more detail if you have questions as they plan these days right up to the start of holidays.

Incursion activities

Incursions are days in which a special activity is run at the program location. This could include a project such as building a kite, or an activity provider visit like yoga or sports clinic. We plan these as an extra special experience but they do come at a small increase in cost.


Excursions with Holiday Club are outbound activities where we leave the program to visit an exciting location. This could be to see a movie, learn new things at the museum or to meet animals at the farm. If you love the idea of your child being in different environments, they can always attend different Holiday Club locations to ensure that every day is an excursion.

We make kids smile